ITP On Technology


Technology should revolutionise the way organisations book and manage their business travel and expenses.

There are five key elements at the heart of the ITP Partnership technology solution.

Key elements to improve your business travel experience


Travel Productivity Platform

One Platform

At the heart of travel management is the Travel Productivity Platform, where all company policies are implemented and managed in one place, with duty of care embedded within the process.

Travellers find all the tools they need for planning a trip, whilst on the trip, and when they return.

Travel arrangers access all the company travellers’ profiles, plan their trips, create reports, and fulfil their travel management responsibilities.


Multiple Booking Channels

The ITP Productivity Platform offers dynamic pricing through multiple booking channels, air, hotel, rail etc.

Not only through the traditional General Distribution Systems (GDS) channels but also Web/Low-Cost channels as well as New Distribution Capability (NDC) channels and vendor direct access channels.  These channels are all accessible through the ITP Travel Productivity Platform.

Some of the innovations which can also be incorporated are connectivity with group booking modules and a robust offline booking component.

The travel agency subscribes to a Global Distribution System (GDS) namely Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport amongst others.

The GDS is a legacy system which displays live inventory that allows travel agencies to book flights, hotels, car and some rail.


It is now also possible to access pricing via web/low-cost channels as well as via the New Distribution Capability (NDC) channel which creates a direct connection between the Distributor of the Travel Service and the Travel Agency.

This allows the Travel Agency to offer other ancillaries to the end-user.

Multiple passenger bookings can be processed online or with the assistance of your travel agency.

When booking a large complex group offline assistance from your travel agency is required to manage the trip effectively on behalf of the whole group.



Offline booking added to the Online Booking Tool.

Reservations processed offline directly with a supplier can be added to the ITP Travel Productivity Platform either during the booking workflow or as a synchronisation into the platform when the booking is completed.  

Managing bookings becomes so much easier for the both the traveller and travel arranger. 





Access to tools through integration

Booking and having access to all the right travel channels is important but not the only thing that influences your Business Travel experience. Here are a few elements that we think lie at the heart of having a better Business Travel experience.


Adding Your Own Systems

Add-ons is a broad term used to describe the ability to plug in systems and solutions that are not already integrated in the Travel Productivity Platform.

The system can be your ERP system or a 3rd party system that you want to access via the ITP Travel Productivity Platform so that information can be exchanged, or actions can be triggered.

Your choice

Creating your own solution


Client Hub

Providing access to things that matter in everyday business travel life

Information is important, providing the right information to the right people at the right time in an easy and uncomplicated manner that requires little or no effort to use on a day-to-day basis. 

  • Access global contacts

  • OBT case handling

  • Access to travel reports

  • Access travel policy information
  • Global access to pricing information

  • Business Travel Newsroom

  • Safe access to commercials

  • Project Management