The ITP Story

 Where It All Started…..

ITP – International Travel Partnership was formed over 35 years ago by a group of Travel Management Companies. The ITP Partnership is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and operates out of Windsor in the United Kingdom.

Their shared vision of becoming global whilst recognising cultural differences in local markets combined with providing service excellence helped the network grow to the global entity it is today.

ITP combines the flexibility and fast action of owner-driven local market leaders with the benefits of global technology solutions and a collective understanding of service quality.

We are proud of being a legacy global travel agency partnership with local culture and roots at its very heart, a fundamental asset in a globalised world.

Locally owned, globally supported

ITP Partnership Principles

ITP Vision

To connect travel independent travel industry partners in a cohesive and sustainable partnership network enabling us to deliver the strengths of local market expertise, culture, and diversity on a global level

ITP Mission

To be the catalyst in our partner network community in delivering travel technology solutions that empowers us to deliver sustainable customised travel services on a global or local basis. To share knowledge and innovation for the benefit of the ITP Partnership, Suppliers, and Corporate Clients.

ITP Values

To act in the best interest of the ITP Partnership, Suppliers and Corporate Clients with integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Locally owned, globally supported

A Sustainable Business Model

  • Considerate of People we work with, the People we work for and the People who work for ITP.

  • Considerate of the Planet we live on, how we live on the Planet and how we use the Planet in the future.

  • Considerate of the Prosperity of those we work with, the Prosperity of those we work for and the Prosperity of the community we live in.

Decisions Made where you work and live

ITP Partners Are Locally Owned and Managed

  • Local Community Identity

  • Environmental Benefits

  • Contribute To Local Economy

  • Create Local Employment Opportunities

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Local Innovation And Competition
  • Diverse, Local Service Adapted To Local Culture

100%        “Local everywhere “
100%        “Global all the time“

Locally owned, globally supported

Becoming An ITP Partner

  • IATA Licenced

  • Global Distribution System (GDS) Accessibility
  • Corporate Travel Expertise

  • Broad Range Of Travel Services

  • Commitment To The ITP Code Of Conduct

  • Committed To The ITP Community And Actively Participate
    In The Development Of The ITP Partnership