At the core of the ITP Partnership

There are only two things you should know about the ITP Partnership

Why local?

Decision making locally is speedy and reflects the local culture.

decisions made where you work and live

We Are Locally Owned, Globally Supported

ITP Partners are locally owned, globally supported.

Our ITP Partners offer professional, customised services to suit your needs.

  • Local Community Identity

  • Environmental Benefits
  • Contribute To Local Economy
  • Create Local Employment Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Local Innovation And Competition
  • Diverse, Local Service Adapted To Local Culture

making a difference when you travel

Technology Focused

We believe technology should work to the benefit of the traveller, travel arranger and the company that uses it.

Being able to book, administrate and retrieve information relating to past or future travel is a must to ensure the travel experience is easy and worry-free.

Having all the tools to navigate travel information, booking and expense in one simple platform creates the perfect travel environment.

  • Global Solutions
  • App Integrations
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Bespoke Solutions

Why focus on technology?

To support and ease the challenges of travelling for business.

Get to know the ITP Partnership

We want to provide you with tangible expectations on what to expect from the ITP Partnership and have chosen a unique way of guiding you dependent on your user perspective.

The three categories below give you an overview.


What is important to you the traveller?

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Travel Arranger

What is important to you the travel arranger?

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What is important to you as a company?

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What the ITP Partnership offers if …

You are a Traveller

Quick Menu

Traveller | Online Booking

The ability to utilize tools that supports your lifestyle and workflow can make a difference. Be in control. Book your travel arrangements in just a few clicks in your preferred environment.

Traveller | Offline Booking

If you prefer to speak to an agent and utilise their expertise, you are still able to contact your ITP Partner agency directly. The travel agency can make new bookings, amend and add products to any existing booking.

Traveller | Duty Of Care

Whilst travelling your safety and wellbeing are ensured through our "up to the minute" duty of care solution.

the ITP Partnership offers if …

You are a Travel Arranger

Travel Arranger | Productivity Platform

Take away the complexity of business travel and empower your travel arrangers to book in the complete knowledge that you retain full control of your company travel policies as well as supporting your employees’ needs.



Access to all travellers
The system offers instant access to all travellers


Communication via all devices
Connect automatically via App, phone or email, all at once in an emergency


Global warning
Riskline integration ensures instant push-notification of global warnings


Automatic Emergency Activation
In case of an emergency the system will be activated automatically


Destination travel information
Find all destination information in the system


Pre-trip advisory
Advanced pre-trip advisory is setup in the system and can be adapted


Live travel update
Peace of mind when travelling important travel information is send live

the ITP Partnership offers if …

You are a Company

Makes ITP Special?

Efficient And Practical
Local Makes A Difference!
Scalable Solutions
Duty Of Care
Every Solution Is Unique

Business Travel Technology

Technology is a vital part of all aspects of Business Travel.
The ITP Travel Productivity Platform has five key elements that make a difference when it comes to delivering Business Travel.

Integration Of Travel And Expense, Policies And Your Negotiated Prices

Integration of your own tools, systems and suppliers is one of the key features of the ITP Travel Productivity Platform.

Payment Solutions Can Be As Complex Or As Simple As You Like

Security, ease of use, integration and accounting play a big part in the setup that is right for your organisation.

Corporate Cards

The convenience of a corporate card solution is preferred by many travellers, and is often regarded as the one stop solution while on the road.

Virtual Cards

There is safety in numbers. Use a unique card for each individual payment offering unprecedented security and invaluable in an online environment.

Company Account

Multiple forms of payment can be supported including account to agency.

Choosing your local sustainability solution

Different Paths To Offset Your Travel Carbon Footprint

Let’s help you find the right solution across your locations around the world.